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Folder Structure - top

The folder structure of InstallBudy is:

  InstallBuddy : The root folder of InstallBuddy (usually the root folder of a CD/DVD). This folder contains 'InstallBuddy.exe' and 'data.xml'.
  data : the folder which contains all the data needed for InstallBuddy. This folder contains the 'framework' folder, the 'setups' folder, (optionally) the 'tools' folder, (optionally) the 'app.ico' and (optionally) the 'about.jpg' image.
  framework : This folder has the redistributable .NET Framework named 'framework.exe'. This is used when InstallBuddy is used in a machine that may not have .NET Framework installed. In that case, InstallBuddy runs 'framework.exe' instead to install it.
  setups : This folder contains a folder for each product in the list. Each product can contain any number of file. One of them is the installation file, (optionally) one of them is the crack file and (optionally) there is an 'app.ico' file.
  tools : This folder contains standalone single-file applications that can be run directly from InstallBuddy without installation.


Main Interface


How to install a product - top

There are two was to install a product:
A: Double click the product's name in the product list

B: Click the "Install" button in the "Product Installation" group


How to install multiple products - top

Select more than one product by holding the Ctrl key and then click the "Install All Selected" button at the bottom of the product list.


How to use serial - top

WARNING! If the distributer of InstallBuddy uses the option "Political Correct" there may not be any "Serial" at all.
In the "Product Installation" group you can select the serial text and copy it or simple click


How to use crack - top

WARNING! If the distributer of InstallBuddy uses the option "Political Correct" there may not be any "Crack" button at all.
Some products may require to be cracked, or use a keygen. In that case, the best way is to read the "HowTo Install" description. The button simply runs the associated crack that the distrubutor selected.


What is "more" and "browse" ? - top

If the product has some plugins, then the button is activated. Click it to browse the plugins in the folder "more". Clicking the button will open the folder containing the setup.


How to use Presets - top

Some distributers may select to add some preselected products for installation. These are called presets and are located at the top of the product list.

Selecting a preset will filter all products that are not in the preset and automatically select the ones that are. This helps you to quickly install all products in a specific preset. To view all the products again simply select the "All" preset.


How to use filter/search - top

The filter/search will filter all products that start with the same name in the field. The filter also aplies in combination with the preset list. You can filter a product that is inside a preset. To clear both simply select "All" preset. To quicly clear the filter click


How do I add my own about image ? - top

Since IntallBuddy is for users that want to distribute a list of products to install, it is wise to add some distributer information. At this moment, the only such possibility is to add a company logo (or any image in that matter) in the about dialog. This can be done by simply having a "about.jpg" of any size in the "data" folder. Example:


How do I add my own application icon to the main interface ? - top

Again, since IntallBuddy is for users that want to distribute a list of products to install, a good idea is to add the distributers logo icon at the main app. This can be done simply by having a "app.ico" in the "data" folder. Example:


How does Multi-Installer work ? - top

When "Install All Selected" button is clicked, Multi-Installer is opened and contains product information. It installs one-by-one the products. It can do this automatically (by switching the "Auto Install" checkbox to on) or manually (by manually click every product's "Install" button)


What is "Auto Install" and "Ignore Crack State" options ? - top

WARNING! If the distributer of InstallBuddy has used the policital correct option, "Ignore Crack State", "Crack" button and serial information will not be visible.
Auto Install option, when checked (default), will run automatically the next installation. When not, user must manually click "Install" to start the next one. If "Ignore Crack State" is not checked (default) and the next installation has "Crack" button activated, it will not run automatically the installation. This is done because crack way required specific way to be used and the user might have to read the HowTo Install instructions. If it is checked (not recommended), all installations will automatically start.




How to use simple editor - top

Simple editor is not generally recommended. The easiest way to modify a product is to use "auto create" in combination with "advance editor" (described later). To add a new product in simple editor, click on the "*" icon () at the end of the list and add the fields.


What is "autocreate" ? - top

Since all the installs are under the 'data\setups' folder and each one is in its own folder, InstallBuddy can easily scan all folders that are not included in the data.xml file. Clicking will do just that. Adding the folders name as the products name and the path value correctly. Then, by simply double clicking any row, you move to the advance editor with preselected the product you double clicked. This is the fastest way to create your structure.


How to use advance editor - top

Advance editor is the recommended way to add a product. You use the navigation panel at the bottom to navigate, save, delete and create new products. The "AutoSave on Navigate" automatically saves product information while navigating.

Fill all the fields for the product and click save.

If either 'Path' or 'Setup' is empty, it will be colored yellow

Right clicking in the 'Tags' or the under the 'Tags' will create a popup menu with already existing tags (minus the ones that are used). Selecting a tag form the context menu will add the tag automatically.


How to use tools editor - top

Adding tool information is very simple. As long as there is any file in the 'data\tools' folder, the list of tools will be automatically created. Add tool information simply by filling all the fields and clicking save for every tool in the list.


How to use presets - top

Presets is a very powerfull feature. Preset are preselected groups of products for easy organizing and quickly multi-installing applications. Creating a preset is very easy. Simply click and use the add/remove buttons to add/remove products . You can also change the order of the products in the preset by using the moving buttons . After creating a preset and adding products to it, click and your done.
WARNING! Preset with the name 'All' is preserved. By default there is a preset that has all the products. Actually, it is not exactly a preset. Since selecting a preset filters out all products that are not in the list, 'All' preset clears the filter and fills all the products in the list again.


What is "Create 'autorun.inf'" ? - top

Since InstallBuddy is mostly intended to be used in a CD or DVD, an 'autorun.inf' is very useful. So, clicking will create a very simple 'autorun.inf' in the same folder in which InstallBuddy is in to use it for your CD or DVD.


What is "Toogle 'Political Correct'" ? - top

Some distributers may want InstallBuddy to be more...legal. Toggling between political correct and non-political correct will remove or add respectively buttons like "Crack" and serial information.
inidicates that currently InstallBuddy is non-political correct
inidicates that currently InstallBuddy is political correct


What is ".NET Check" ? - top

InstallBuddy's only requirement is that .NET Framework is installed. The most common use of InstallBuddy is after a PC has been formated, thus, usually there is no .NET Framework currently installed. InstallBuddy has a solution for this too. By clicking InstallBuddy automatically creates a simple .bat file that checks to see if .NET Framework is installed. If not, the .NET Framework Installer is then runned instead.
WARNING! Clicking ".NET Check" will overwrite 'autorun.inf' so that the created .bat file will start first.
WARNING! The distributer must manually download and place the installer in the folder 'data\requirements' and name it 'framework.exe'


How to use test - top

So you create the basic structure InstallBuddy needs with over 20 folders for each product. You added as much information as possible and know you think there might be a mistake. Not to worry! InstallBuddy can perform a very basic check for the most vital information a product needs: the setup file, the path and the tags. It also looks for any folder that is not included in your database and also includes the information for your tools. Simply click and InstallBuddy will perform the test creating a log. If any error is found, you will be informed.